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75% Super Kid Mohair - 25% Mulberry Silk.

459 yards / 420 meters approx. 

50 gr Aprox.


Procedencia/Origin: Perú


A mix of wool 75% Kid Mohair and 25% Mulberry silk. The smooth and fine thread of the Mohair gives it softness and lightness, which makes it a perfect wool to be woven alone or in a mixture of other fibers such as Merino wool, lurex and viscose.

Despite being a thin wool (Lace thickness), it has thermal properties that make it an essential in winter garments. The vaporousness of its threads allows it to be woven with both thin and thick sticks.

It is recommended to wash by hand and with cold water, never rub and dry in a horizontal position.

The included images try to faithfully represent the color of each hank, however, these can vary from one dyed batch to another, so it is recommended to buy the necessary quantity for each project.