About Rey Principe

Rey Principe is an online store of luxury wools, hand dyed by me, María José Flores, Chilean Visual Artist.


My workshop is located in Santiago de Chile, specifically in Lastarria, a traditional artist neighborhood.

From this beautiful place, I dye by hand all my wools. This is an movement exercise from the painting, my artistic discipline. This is the reason that not all hanks are exactly equal, nevertheless I perform a rigorous quality control on each one, to ensure an exceptional product gets into your hands, an art work.

I work only with the best quality products, and one of my main concerns is that the wool comes from fair trade and free from animal cruelty. In the same spirit I want to show the world the work of Cooperativa de Hilanderas Chilenas (Chilean Spinners Cooperative), who to this day continue to perform completely manual spinning.

The name Rey Príncipe comes from the loving nickname of my smoke Persian cat Santiago, who is not only a King, but also a Prince.